IBM scores 21 admiration points, with special thanks to WATSON;

  • A: 5 – employee satisfaction, inspiring leadership
  • B: 4 – customer satisfaction, brand strength, product leadership
  • C: 5 – innovation capability, forward looking strategy, WATSON is making everything smart from health to transportation
  • D: 3 – sustainability
  • E: 4 – profitability, excellent execution, continuous improvement

Chris O’Connor, General Manager of IoT Offerings at IBM, will present a keynote on three technologies that are driving IoT innovation. In his session, O’Connor will outline how recent Internet of Things advancements are driving enterprises and industries forward, with a focus on use cases that provide real-world example of these advancements. There will be a focus on key areas where enterprises are differentiating themselves by taking advantage of IoT in major ways:

  • Improving operations
  • Getting smarter about design and manufacturing
  • Deepening customer engagement


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