Founder & Creative Director of The Brandling:

Considering two years of The Brandling:

Two years ago, in the summer of 2014, I packed my bags and started on my journey as The Brandling. I was convinced branding can play a crucial role in creating a paradigm shift in how we brand social businesses. To see them attract the audiences, investment, employees and press they deserve. This is the moment to ask, are we moving closer to what we set out to achieve?

When we started our journey we set an ambitious vision: we want a family starting a fair trade lemonade factory to have as much access to high quality branding knowledge as a company like Coca-Cola. How do you democratise branding?

Our workshops, the Brand Thinking Canvas and the Branding Toolkit for Changemakers have been a first big step to help us build brand thinking skills with people across the world. Instead of working with 6 clients a year like back in 2013, we now work with over 400 changemakers in workshops and trainings, and over 850 people are working with the toolkit to design their own brand strategies. read more 

Angel Investor, Career Coach, Columnist

The Three Types Of Mentors (And Which One You Need Now)

I launched my career coaching practice in 2013 with the hope of changing the world for 20 and 30something job hunters.

It might sound like a lofty goal, but after going from a dead-end, $30k a year admin job to a counterterrorism management position for the Pentagon, I knew I could teach others to immediately network their ways into management and a higher salary like I did.

Albeit, starting my own business teaching clients how to find and land their dream jobs wasn’t exactly easy. And I’d be lying if I said that I was able to do it all alone.

In order to help others with their respective journeys, I first needed to change myself (in the best way).

So I began working with mentors. read more


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