BMW scores a category high 22 ambitionOne admiration points:

  • A: 5– employee satisfaction, inspiring leadership
  • B: 5 – customer satisfaction, brand strength, product leadership
  • C: 4 – innovation capability
  • D: 4 – sustainability
  • E: 4 – profitability

BMW mobility 22(55444): INVESTMENT IN TRAINING AND FURTHER EDUCATION 2015 352 million €.


Our goal was to create a very personal vehicle. There will always be that highly emotional Connection between a BMW and its driver. Karim Habib Head of BMW Automobile Design



The BMW brand epitomises Sheer Driving Pleasure – past, present and into the next 100 years. BMW aims to make this fascinating driving experience even more intense in the future. The driver is in constant communication with the vehicle in an intuitive and natural way. At the same time, the vehicle expands the driver’s range of perception and transforms him or her into the “Ultimate Driver” – the best driver they can possibly be. The Companion responds to the driver’s personal needs in order to create emotionally-intense experiences.


Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 22.18.09.png “We set the BMW Motorrad and LEGO Technic design teams a challenge … that has resulted in this amazing bike,” Any Woodman, senior design manager for LEGO Technic, said in a statement. “Collaboration between our two teams was driven by passion and respect for the DNA of each other’s brands.”






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