BRABANTIA WE’RE BRABANTIA. Our aim is to enrich lives with beautifully designed product concepts for living and giving that are also a pleasure to use. We care about the products we create and the impact they have on people and the planet.
A family company with family values. Concepts with promise, that are made sustainably and leave a better world for generations to come.

WeForest_Tijn van Elderen plant een boom.

In a few weeks ambitionOne will interview Brabantia CEO Tijn van Elderen. We will talk about BRABANTIA’s sustainability agenda, their vision on corporate responsibility, innovation and talent development. Let us know what you would like to learn from Tijn, post your question through the form below:

BRABANTIA scores 19/25 ambitionOne admiration points:

  • A: 5 – employee satisfaction, inspiring leadership
  • B: 4 – customer satisfaction, brand strength, product leadership
  • C: 3 – innovation capability
  • D: 4 – sustainability, we love the “LET’S  CLEAN IT UP.” campaign: Buy this bin and you’ll support The Ocean Cleanup.
  • E: 3 – profitability

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