PLANGRID 19 points – PlanGrid’s CEO, Tracy Young, was named to Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business” in 2015. The company’s board of directors include former Salesforce COO George Hu, Sequoia Capital Partner Doug Leone,and former Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz.

  • A: 5– employee satisfaction, inspiring leadership
  • B: 4 – customer satisfaction, brand strength, product leadership
  • C: 4 – innovation capability
  • D: 3 – sustainability
  • E: 3 – profitability

“A few years ago, the construction site for an average office building might be overrun with thousands of sheets of paper. A small change in design could set off a domino effect where everyone working on the project needed an updated blueprint. It was an obvious problem to Tracy Young when she was working on job sites as a field engineer. So, with a group of colleagues and friends, Young developed PlanGrid, which leveraged tablet and mobile software to make construction planning and design faster, cheaper and more efficient by putting documents online. Since founding the company in 2011, Young has grown PlanGrid into a multimillion-dollar business with 220 employees and nearly 100 more hires expected by year’s end.”

    “Q: What’s been the hardest thing about starting a startup?

    A: The hardest part of starting a startup is fixing mistakes fast and adapting.

    You’re going to make mistakes. But you have to learn from them and adapt quickly. My cofounders and I have made our share of mistakes, but if we were to hold onto every mistake we would have never moved forward. It’s easy to wallow in mistakes and place blame instead of learning from them.”

    Written by AMBITION.ONE

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