More and more employers accept the fact that the power has shifted from employer to employee. Professionals carefully design their career, and are committed to contribute to the purpose of “most admired employers” as long as that contributes to their personal development. The ideal tenure to both contribute in the best way to the corporation, as well as to maintain a steep enough learning curve is 8-10 years, not life-time-employment.

In this FORBES article by Jeanne Meister the value of Employee Experience is shared; “forward looking HR departments like those at IBM and General Electric. HR leaders such as Diane Gherson at IBM, and Susan Peters at General Electric, are transforming HR to deliver an employee experience that is human centered, uses the latest digital technologies, and is personalized, compelling, and memorable….

Being employee-centered and digital is about having a new mindset, plus a set of consumer-focused and technological skills  to creating new HR solutions. Above all, it requires a belief in the power of leveraging the latest consumer technologies inside HR. This starts with how a company engages prospective new hires. Consider how Zulily, an e-commerce company selling clothing, toys, and home products, invites candidates applying for a job on its social media team to submit an Instagram post that best represents themselves and what they would bring to the team. Or consider how MasterCard, BMO Financial Group, Cisco, and Silicon Valley Bank develop new HR solutions by conducting hackathons to co-create new ways forward with employees.

2017 is the year to prepare for transforming HR to be agile, consumer-focused, and digital. The ten trends below will matter most this year.” Read more

Why Every Employee Should Think Like a CEO – FORBES – Hari Ravichandran

 “How do you build a strong team?” 

  • Look for diverse thinking
  • Work together

Read more


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  2. Great article.

    We have shifted from the Information Age to the Empathy Age. A world of feelings, passions, what I ‘really’ want, empowerment, touch, emotions.

    We have also entered a world of dramatic and seismic shifts where the old paradigms are being overturned overnight.

    What an amazing and interesting time to be engaging with current and future employees. We’re going to see some interesting times ahead.

    Successful business will have to make two significant paradigm shifts. Shift one from the what they do to the why they do it – a journey we’re increasingly familiar with. Shift two is from a process and business focus to employee focus. Employee-centric organisations will not only be able to weather an uncertain and unpredictable future but will have also take the lead in winning the war on talent.

    Exciting times ahead!

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