Stephan Hartgers ambitionOne member and  Managing Consultant at Mobiquity, supporting customers with digital transformations and implementation of data science applications. Stephan shares his best practices on presenting;

“Powerful presenters are good storytellers. Apply the following simple steps when you present your slides, at every slide you turn:

  1. Tell the audience the core message of the slide in one clear sentence.

  2. Explain what the audience sees on the slide, the structure.

  3. Cover the main parts of the content. You don’t have to explain all the content in length, people can read.

  4. In some slides (not all), tell a short story, like a personal anekdote, an article you’re read, or make a joke. Something the audience can relate to, this makes you and your performance human.

  5. Introduce the next slide with a bridge before turning. “

Follow these steps of every slide you turn, and your presentation turns into a powerful performance.”


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