Anis Tebib, ambitionOne member, INSEAD alumnus and Marketing Manager Automotive at Trinseo LLC shares his advice on presenting; 


In most of the conferences I attend, the presentations are usually technical and detailed, along pretty busy days. It is not necessarily easy to get and keep attention of the audience. Therefore one needs to create the right atmosphere to get people following you, embracing the message you would like to deliver.

ukon_389Usually, before any presentation I give, I usually try to start with anything helping me to set-up the required connection. It is not something I think about for long time, most frequently five minutes before getting on the stage: Exaggerating with my French accent while in the US, trying to welcome the people in the local language, etc…

Recently, I was invited for the second time to the Plastomotive conference, one of the most important event in India when it comes to plastics applied to the automotive. And this time I did it differently. The result is on the picture, which could be entitled “how to put a smile on the face of 250 attendant”. Actually it is pretty easy: Dare to be different (enough)!

Here is my intro

“Hi everyone. Before starting this very interesting presentation, I would need your support to solve one of my biggest issues: My daughter, Lila, 9 years old, always asks me “what’s your job daddy”. I always answer the same: I travel the world to discuss plastics with a lot of interesting people.

Unfortunately, it looks like she doesn’t really believe me anymore. Therefore, I am kindly asking you to give me your best smile so I can bring back home an evidence for her”

Then getting out my phone out of my pocket and taking this nice picture.

– The stage is set-up: I can start my technical presentation –

Why behavior is important in communication

Actually nothing’s new here: (almost) Everybody knows that non-verbal communication is key and represents up to 65% of the message you would like to deliver. It is also demonstrated that the first and the last slides of a presentation are the one which the audience will remember.

A combination of verbal (my intro speech) and non-verbal (my action to grab my phone and take a picture) are defining my behavior. That brings the identity to the speech I gave afterward. That links me to the audience and the smile of their face is the answer to my question: “can I start delivering my message”.

Dare to be differentiated (enough)

22055253441_85c3d80cfc_oI think the way I introduce myself intrinsically reflects somehow the way we – at Trinseo – are developing innovative new products with and for our Customers: We do not offer a material, we definitively offer a differentiated solution where we act at every single step of the projects.

The topic of our Plastomotive presentation was all around cost optimization through innovative unpainted solutions for the interior of the car. Having best in class ABS, PC/ABS and reinforced elastomer products is not enough anymore. Offering the same products AND delivering a better cost through lightweight by reducing the density, through less costly process, and in the same time reducing the environmental impact by removing the paint is then differentiated. 

This is what we dare to achieve.


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