Stephan Hartgers – ambitionOne member and Managing Consultant at Mobiquity, currently supporting VWE as interim IT manager and data strategy consultant.

Managing complex and challenging IT environments at high pace as project and/or line manager. Drive for tangible results, with a specialty in professionalising IT and operations organisations. Brings stability, manages with confidence, flair and humor.


Stephan Hartgers – Managing Consultant at Mobiquity,

Comfortable in large and small organisations, with executive management and in international environments. Recent focus on Data Analytics and Data Driven Solutions, such as defining data strategies and implementing (big) data type platforms.

Stephan Hartgers is a Managing Consultant at Morgan Clark, with a spike in setting up and managing complex Business IT programs, a skill he mastered during his career as consultant for firms like McKinsey and KPMG Consulting.

Click here to read Stephan’s tips on presentation.


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