LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool, offering direct access to hundreds of millions of global professionals. For recruitment purposes however there is a major challenge to identify true quality within this sea of talent.

Hard profile search criteria like degrees, schools, employers and skills offer some indications, but are no guarantee for soft skills, EQ, adaptability and team impact.


The ambitionOne network has an opposite strategy vs commercial growth, we aim to be compact and quality focused. The network grows through member referral only, and members are limited to invite their absolute top 5 professional relations. People that make a positive impact on the organisations they work for, and teams they play in.

Each member offers endorsements for their 5 nominees, and they do for the inviting member. This “best 5” criteria combined with an academic  degree, and work experience at Fortune 500 companies allows recruiters to focus on the final selection only.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 09.09.34.png

Our members can directly access peer members for consulting and advice on dilemmas related to projects, trends, skills or potential new employers. Next to the online community members are invited to local members circle events where connections are strengthened over network diners.

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