BAVARIA BEER – It’s great to break the routine from time to time. Brewed independently, Bavaria goes it’s own way. Always challenging the accepted.

“We know that beer was already being brewed in Lieshout in the 1680s. But Bavaria’s evolution from a village brewery to the global brand it is today didn’t come easily.

It was built upon the single minded vision and determination of the Swinkels family.”

Bavaria is the second largest brewery in the Netherlands. Founded before 1680, it has been owned by the Swinkels family since 1773. The company, which produces five hundred million litres of beer annually, is based in Lieshout, North Brabant.

Beerbrewer Bavaria is one of the oldest family-owned company in the Netherlands. Bavaria employs around 1000 people in total, nationally and internationally. Under the management of the Swinkels family, beer has been brewed in accordance with a unique family recipe for seven generations, at the Bavaria Brewery in the south of the Netherlands. This is how outstanding quality has been guaranteed since 1719. Pure ingredients are the basis for quality, which is why Bavaria is brewed using natural mineral water and barley that has been malted in-house, by Bavaria.

Facts & figures

  • Largest independent brewery in the Netherlands.
  • 100% family-owned
  • 7th generation of the Swinkels family at the helm.
  • Annual production: more than 6 million hectolitres of beer
  • 65% is exported to over 120 countries
  • Net turnover: more than € 400 million
  • 1.000 employees worldwide
  • Bavaria uses natural mineral water from its own spring

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