In a few weeks ambitionOne will interview Brabantia CEO Tijn van Elderen. We will talk about BRABANTIA’s sustainability agenda, their vision on corporate responsibility, innovation and talent development. Let us know what you would like to learn from Tijn, click here

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Recruitment is sales: The 10 elements of recruitment analysis

Despite the trend “recruitment is like marketing,” we think recruitment is more like sales. Ok, employer branding sounds like marketing. But for the most part? It’s sales. Sales convert leads to customers. Recruiters convert candidates to hires. The process is the same: sifting through hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of prospects to find the ones that fit your business and help improve your bottom line. read the full article at recruitee

Your Expertise Means Nothing Without This Important Trait

You already have the answers, but without this ability, it will be impossible to succeed.

The problem is not that we lack the needed information, but that we are unwilling to apply it once we have it. We already know what it’s going to take to be successful in our careers/lives, but often lack the self-control to establish boundaries, set goals, and make the necessary sacrifices.

Self-control, as it applies to our careers, is the ability to control external distractions, internal impulses, and fluctuating circumstances that can keep us from focusing on the task at hand. If left unchecked, these can rob us of our productivity destroying our goals and aspirations. So, let’s take a look at a few strategies that can help you practice self-control. “Buy in” to the big picture and have passion for a purpose. read the full article at Inc.

The first ambitionOne members event, May 18th in Eindhoven

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Join Allison Thomas, Supply Chain Director, Customer Services & Logistics Transformation, Europe at PepsiCo, Amsterdam / Josette van de Bult, Client Service Executive Manufacturing Microsoft, Amsterdam / David van de Wall, AMADA Miyachi Europe // Director – Matech Solutions, Eindhoven / Feng Li – Cargill, Maastricht / Ivo Oerlemans – Regional Sales Manager at Celanese, Eindhoven / Lesther van Vliet, Global Real Estate Portfolio Planner at Unilever, Rotterdam / Lotti Broos, Product management SABIC, Breda / Mirjam Van Coillie, Chief Marketing Officer at Koninklijke Gazelle, Utrecht / Richard VAN DELDEN, Executive Director at WAVIN Group, Amsterdam / Senja Boom, Student Sustainable Innovation at Eindhoven University of Technology – STORM team, Eindhoven / Septian Waluyan MBA | Product Marketing | Consumer Goods | Chemicals Philips, Rotterdam / Sharath Bhatt, Marketing & Business Development Leader | Medtronic, Eindhoven / Volodymyr (Bob) Irkhov, Business Development Leader TE Connectivity, Tilburg / Yvonne van den Camp-van der Meer, Department head and associate professor Maastricht University, Maastricht / Joost d’Hooghe, Commercial Director DSM, Horst

There are still 4 open seats at the first ambitionOne members event, register here.



Amidst the excitement about these “agile” or “dynamic” performance management approaches, numerous voices have cautioned companies about doing their due diligence before jumping on the performance management bandwagon.

These individuals appropriately remind us that an improved performance management approach requires not simply a new process, but also a suite of changes to ensure the new process is both successful short-term and sustainable long-term.

Based on the multitude of articles I’ve read on the topic, their recommendations fall into six areas:

Role modeling by leaders who continuously communicate the benefits of the new process and demonstrate how it works in practice;

Aligned and cascaded goals from the CEO to each business unit to ensure employees can connect their role to strategic business objectives;

Role clarity to ensure each actor in the process understands his/her accountabilities for successful performance management;

Skills for all employees on giving and receiving feedback, setting meaningful goals, and conducting challenging conversations;

Technology that enables managers and employees to record performance conversations and aid ongoing development and accountability for progress and outcomes;

read the full article at Gotham Culture

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