CEO Tijn van Elderen shares some insights on how the company achieves it’s goal to enrich lives with beautifully designed product concepts for living and giving that are also a pleasure to use. He answers strategic questions by ambitionOne members Josette van de Bult of MicrosoftVolodymyr Bob Irkhov of TE Connectivity and Joost d’Hooghe of DSM.

josetteJosette van de Bult Client Service Executive Manufacturing at MICROSOFT: “How will you embrace and embed Digital Transformation into your organization. What is your strategy on this topic?” 

Tijn;  “Hi Josette! As the subject of Digital Transformation is so vast, answering this question is almost like trying to eat an elephant in one go. We decided therefore to break things up into small pieces and started identifying what part of our value chain needs to get focus first.


As we are branded design company the most likely place to start is at consumers and then customers. So we have digitized services, marketing information, customer order processes and we are approaching our consumers automatically in some cases.

For the longer term, we- together with an external partner- have created an overview of the steps ahead and know that we still have a long way to go (but we are getting there!)”

bob.jpgVolodymyr Bob Irkhov -TE CONNECTIVITY “BRABANTIA is a family company. Does it mean that there are a lot of relatives working in the company, and if so how do you manage under performance? Do you think the company will be stable in a long run?” 

Tijn; “Hi Volodymyr! Brabantia was founded 98 years ago. Ever since the beginning we have had family in our management teams. At Brabantia we believe in the fact that a person’s personality needs to fit our culture. Once a personality fits we want everybody to be clear on what their objectives are within our company strategy. We assess performance against these objectives on a continuous basis. Everybody gets the opportunity to develop themselves, as we think that that is important to be able to perform. This all goes for family members as well as other Brabantians. Therefore I believe in the fact that we will be stable in the long run.”

img_7609Joost d’Hooghe – DSM “BRABANTIA was able to turn storage items into design objects. In the long term will BRABANTIA be a storage or a design focused company?”

Tijn: ” Hi Joost! We will be both!”


One comment

  1. I chose a small rubbish bin for use in bathrooms from Brabantia as the design reflected excellence.
    However, after undoing the packaging I discovered that the interior, unlike other models from elswhere lack any
    handle making it difficult to lift out & carry this inner bin. If this was done to keep costs down I understand but wonder if there might be other solutions to this problem. As it is this design problem lets down the whole very carefully made product.


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