LinkedIn is a global network of over 500 million professionals, which offers a unique access to talent. The drawback of the success of this 2017 version of the “yellow pages” is that this vast quantity of profiles makes it virtually impossible to find the right talent. is a community with 849 members. True game changers, individuals that make a positive impact on the teams they work with, and companies they work for.


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Our members are selected based on three simple criteria; the first is that they are introduced by an existing member as one of their “top 5” relations, they need to have an academic degree and finally have work experience at a Fortune 500 company with at least one internal promotion. By definition that supports our goal to grow with quality rather than quantity.

The purpose of ambitionOne is to maximize the careers of our members. This goal is supported through personalized care by career concierges, physical members meetings (e.g. in Eindhoven Amsterdam and Rotterdam), a peer network through the exclusive LinkedIn group, matching of ambitions with the best job openings at “most admired employers” and the hottest startups. This is a not for profit initiative, profits are donated to UNICEF. The platform also provides a unique personal branding platform, see e.g. the valuable contribution by Saskia Nijs of PHILIPS

The images below show the geographic spread of our current members. The network originated from a personal network started in the south of the Netherlands, the fact that today 23% of the current members live in Amsterdam makes it easy to understand why so many companies move their headquarters there. We are proud to state that 56% of our members are women. Through the member referrals the community has gone global, after the Netherlands the United States ranks second, Belgium third and Switzerland fourth.

Our members are graduates from e.g. the University of Amsterdam (1), Rotterdam School of Management (2) and Delft University of Technology (3). Additionally most members have additional accreditation from top executive educations like INSEAD (1), RSM (2) and (VLERICK). Our members are entrepreneurs as well as employees at “most admired employers”, the top represented companies are PHILIPS (1), DSM (2), IBM (3), UNILEVER (4).

If you have got “what it takes” and if you want to support our #ambition to become the most relevant top talent community click here


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