ambitionOne is a career network for GAME CHANGERS, people that make a positive and significant impact on teams and organisations. Tom Haak, director at the HR Trend Institute introduced us to Nathan Ott CEO and Co-Founder of The GC Index®. Nathan explains what the Game Changer Index is and how organisations can use it to strengthen competitive advantage.

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The Framework The GC Index® was created by Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at The GC Index® and Adrian Furnham, Management Expert and Professor of Psychology at University College London, following the launch of The DNA of A Game Changer Study.

The different roles used in the Game Changer index are; the Strategist, the Game Changer, the Play Maker, the Implementer and the Polisher.

Click here to read the 2016 Game Changer Report, the leadership of interviewed companies state that only 5% of their work force are Game Changers. For those of you who are eager to expand your Game Changers pool contact ambitionOne, we have 890 game changing members of which over 50% are women.

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