An extremely diverse group of 22 members participated during the first ever ambitionOne members meetup in Eindhoven on May 18th.  The functional areas of the attendees ranged from marketing, to HR to sales and operations, and the work experience consisted of C-suite, middle managers and graduation students. After a few hours of networking over a tasteful dinner the group concluded that there was one common aspect in the DNA of all present,  apart from a healthy #ambition everyone displayed an above average level of curiosity.

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Senja Boom‘s experienced a trip around the world with the Eindhoven University electric motorbike STORM team. Karel Seurinck shared what he had learned during his work in South America, and Bob Irkhov moved from the Ukraine to the Netherlands to accelerate his personal growth.

The mission of ambitionOne is to maximize the career of our members, people that make a positive impact on the teams they work with and organizations they work for. ambitionOne believes that LinkedIn is collapsing as a result of its target to remain the biggest career network in the world.  We have build a members-only community App where curious professionals, true game changers meet. In the App we exchange ideas, and share reading tips. Our career concierges post the most ambitious jobs and members connect to others for advice and access to most admired employers.

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If you are an academic outperformer, eager to continuously improve yourself, your teams and the planet than apply for membership by clicking HERE.

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