In this LinkedIn post Clare Corrie shares with Ollie Hayes (who is “Finding the best Rockstars for LinkedIn”) why she loves working at LinkedIn;

So, Clare Corrie, can you tell me about how and why you joined LinkedIn?

There were two reasons I joined LinkedIn; I was a member, loved the platform and used it daily in my prior role. As I learned more about LinkedIn’s purpose it really resonated with me and I was excited about being a part of an organisation that helps transform people’s lives.

I wasn’t actively looking for a new job when the recruiter at LinkedIn, Richard, reached out to me based on my profile and experiences. For me it was a different industry to consider, consultancy to tech but dealing with similar types of stakeholders (Heads of HR, Resourcing, CHRO.)

I received an inMail from the Talent Acquisition team which was highly personalised to me and he advised why he felt I was a good match. I talked to him and then came in for an interview with the management team.

I also love the fact that the leadership team and country leads are passionate about Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging and it feels unique in how authentic it is.

What’s been your favourite memory since joining?

My favourite memory was our Sales Kick-Off event in Vegas 2015. It was a lot of fun. The closing party on the final night was one hell of a party and the effort LinkedIn put into throwing everyone a great party was amazing. Dancing on tables with colleagues until 4am is not something everyone will gets to do at their Sales Kick-Off! It was a great opportunity to see old colleagues from around the World, hang out with my team and network with new global colleagues. It’s great to see a company that puts such stock in relationships.

What do you love about your role and what exciting work have you been involved in?

My clients! I like being out in the market with my clients and helping them to be more successful. What I love about this role is that it is really tangible to see the impact I can make, whether that’s transforming a client’s talent acquisition strategy, cost savings or helping them to hire the majority of their workforce through LinkedIn, it’s very easy to see the impact LinkedIn can have.

I’ve been on a 4 year transformation journey, with a large UK transportation company, to help them reinvent their talent acquisition strategies and support other key business priorities such as their Diversity & Inclusion agenda. We’ve helped them transform the way they source talent at scale and other business priorities such as building out their EVP.

Outside of this I’ve run boot-camp training’s in Dublin, launched media universities to up-skill new starters and I’ve collaborated with external providers on events for clients. Being able to get involved in things outside of my day to day is fantastic but also has great impact on the business, new starters and their careers. Now I’m involved in a lot of mentoring that I find really fulfilling.

What was your experience like as a candidate?

I had a really great experience as a candidate. The interview was interesting because I’d slipped over before I came in and was concussed during the interview so wasn’t sure I put my best foot forward. Everyone was really friendly, transparent and honest around the culture and expectations on the role, I came in with my eyes wide open and was very excited to get started.

The nice thing was that the recruiter was pro-active in reaching out to see how I’d got on and provided feedback. The role play stage was hard as it can be an unnatural state, it was challenging but fun and definitely gave me a good insight into what the role would be like.

What I really loved throughout the process was that LinkedIn leads with culture. They wanted to understand if I was a cultural fit and the values resonated with me. The process was seamless as well which really helps.

I love working with our Talent Solutions team but from your perspective what makes the team so special?

I love the team because people don’t take themselves too seriously and know how to have a good time. It’s unusual to work in a sales culture where people care about you and your success as well as their own. LinkedIn looks for people who have the right culture and values fit and as a team we dream big, get shit done and have a good time.

I’m surrounded by super smart people who don’t take themselves too seriously and even though we’ve grown as an office we are still entrepreneurial and we’re encouraged to take intelligent risks. If it doesn’t work people are still pleased you tried. I love that about the team and that everyone has that entrepreneurial flair.

I also really appreciate that I’m treated like my own boss and encouraged to act like an owner. I’m responsible for a portfolio of clients and have accountability for the success of that business and am left to be autonomous. There is a huge amount of flexibility and resources to enable me to be successful.

What advice would you share to anyone looking to join the team?

Don’t let your experience put you off. You don’t have to have social media or tech experience to come into this company. We hire from all different backgrounds and the whole team has that which creates great diversity. We look for successful people from a wide range of industries and people who are keen to learn new areas.

Start following us as a company, all the roles are on the platform. Reach out to your networks and people who work here. Keep up to date with all our updates and content on the platform. The career page is a great insight into what it’s like to work here and across our offices.

For more insight into LinkedIn and our live roles view our careers page. We have open roles to join Clare’s team too

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