We are proud that Elske Doets, Dutch “Business Woman of the Year” was willing to share her #ambition with our community. Elkse is the owner and president of the dynamic tour operator company “Jan Doets America Tours” which was founded by her father. Next to this Elkse is running an initiative to stimulate young women to start entrepreneuring; the “Young Lady Business Academy”.

At ambitionOne we support this brave initiative share this story within your network!

Is your daughter a real go-getter or do you know a ‘Young Lady’ who would like to partake in Elske Doets’ Young Lady Business Academy?

elske6Past March I received the enormous honor to become ‘Business Woman of the Year 2017’. A key point in this appraisal is the mission to stimulate ‘female entrepreneurship’.

I want to focus on the ‘Young Ladies’ in the age-bracket of 15 through 24 and stimulate them to become successful businesswomen, entrepreneurs or Top Executives. For this reason I have founded the ‘Elske Doets Young Lady Business Academy’.

Do you know any powerful young women who have a good headpiece? Then motivate them to enroll for this unique possibility! The best ‘Young Lady’ will be allowed to join me on a four-day trip to the USA or Canada to be able to learn even more from the North American ‘Power Ladies’!


When: from Monday the 10th of July 2017 until Friday the 14th of July 2017 at Jan Doets America Tours in Heerhugowaard*. Sign up until the 15th of June 2017, for details visit http://www.elskedoets.nl/ladybusinessacademy/ and make sure to watch the video clip about the kick-off from this initiative at https://vimeo.com/217177915.
Who: it is meant for young women in the 15-24 age bracket.
What are we going to teach you: every day you will be taught by two different ‘Power ladies’ in e.g.

  • Hospitality and Travel
  • Fashion and Retail
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Neurosciences: how to make the right decisions?
  • Successful and powerful communication thanks to a Coach.

As the torchbearer, I will participate in a daily kick-off with you which will take approximately 30 minutes.

Professional dream: after the morning program the idea is that you will work on your dream for the future in the afternoon.
The closing: on Friday the 14th of July 2017 all participants will present their dream to me.
Appraisal: the best ‘Young Lady’ will join me on a four-day trip# to the USA or Canada. Even if your dream is not entirely concrete, but you do have ‘Power’, we will help you in the Academy week of the 10th of July to clear up your dream!

*: If you live a long way from Heerhugowaard, we will accommodate a host family close by. (Costs will be compensated by Elske Doets Young Lady Business Academy Foundation).
#: The trip with Elske will take place during the week of the 18th of September 2017. Official permission from your studies will be taken care of.

This is the first time I organize a ‘Young Lady Business Academy’. It is my intention to keep organizing this in the future. Which is why I set up an official ‘Foundation’ for this initiative.

I hope to receive many good and inspiring professional dreams! Thank you very much!


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