‘Funny with friends and strict at work’ — that’s what you may definitely hear about me.

Besides that, I am 37, married, and have a 14-year-old daughter. Yes, I became father when I was 22. To tell the truth, I do not understand those people who get married after 30 and become parents after 40 — they will have missed so much and wasted too many years of their life.Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 19.40.20.png

That’s a very important step for any adult, and the kids have a profound effect on a parent’s life:

  1. The life will never become boring;
  2. You gain a great responsibility;
  3. Eventually you become happier than before.

My strong recommendation to others: do not to waste your time. You’ll have plenty of spare time when your kids grow up.

As for business, given my previous experience and expertise, I may come in handy and excel in the following areas:

  1. Business development and strategy. I do love to compete and create advantages to move the company ahead of competition. More than 3 years of developing my own business and 9 years in business development — these are my assets that could be useful. Of course, one needs a team to achieve success. That is one of the reasons why I advocate the policy Employees for Life and have always tried to make the life of my team more pleasant. As a result, they even came back to work earlier from their holidays!
  2. Sales. One of my strongest force is a customer satisfaction approach. Just to share how customer focused I am: some of the clients were so happy and satisfied that they even sang songs (!) to my team. Once your team-mates understand that customers pay their salaries, life becomes much easier.

bob2.jpgI lack a technical background, I am neither a technician nor an engineer at all. However, my commercial activity was related to technical products and sometimes I was the only one in the company who ‘grokked’ the product. Since 2005, I’ve been negotiating with Chief Engineers and Technical Directors in various industries. As a rule, negotiations were successful.

That is how I prefer to deal with any customer — by creating value, so they will return again and again.

  1. Supply chain and procurement. Combining my analytical skills with 6-8 years of relevant experience in supply chain/procurement, I am eager to tackle practical problems in the company, such as reducing costs or ensuring in time delivery. My knowledge also covers category management and experience on how to lower the Total Cost of Ownership for customers. I negotiated with manufacturers/suppliers from North America, Western Europe, and Asia. I am proud of reaching win-win agreements, which help foster further cooperation between parties.

Of course, I have a bunch of stories of how I or my team coped with challenges that we had to face. If your company is interested in a hard-working, result-oriented, and creative manager who thinks a few steps ahead and is eager to take responsibility, I’d be glad to meet and discuss how I may contribute to its success.

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