Apart from owning your career, you can now own a part of ambitionOne. This brave initiative is for members, by members. The energy you get from entrepreneuring with us will boost your productivity in your day job. We strongly believe that the time spend at building this initiative gives back energy, instead of consuming it.

WHY ambitionOne?

Before investing your time and money into ambitionOne take some time to understand the reasons why this initiative was started. Initially the idea started as a way to fill the gap that LinkedIn left, there you can shine and share what you did or do, we wanted to create a way to share what you want to do next, your ambition. Matching these ambitions with job openings at employers will allow for immediate recruitments, instead of reactive headhunting processes that take months.

As the matching is done based on actively maintained interests of both our members and employers our service is fast and cost effective, without any headhunters acting in between. In the headhunting market fees range from 20-25% of the annual salary of the position being matched, or 15-45 k€. ambitionOne has only one purpose; supporting the careers of our outperforming members. 50% of profits made will be donated to UNICEF.

Why now?

The original reasons for starting this initiative still make sense. Also the new LinkedIn job search function is not working as accurate as our approach. On top of the basic idea to improve career matching time and cost, the employment market has made this idea even more relevant, why: employment for life is over. Sorry to bring the news…

As organisations get leaner companies have less positions to facilitate career development. More employers are promoting lateral job changes, which are ok for 1 or 2 moves, but not for a life time career. Also your learning curve within one organisation flattens after 6-10 years, even when moving to new divisions or to new functional areas. We promote an average stay of 8 years at one employer, achieving at least one internal promotion. Then we can offer the best next position, based on your ambition and learning curve.

Companies start to recognize that it becomes more important to attract less but better talent, true outperformers. As a result employers are investing in employer branding activities. ambitionOne offers a unique platform to approach the best 1% professionals, our matching, newsletters, dialogues offer a way to stay top of mind; from millennials to C-suite executives.


Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui, founders of AUrate. Kahn says that having a side job is almost like meditation. Click here to read the business insider article of 2 women who built a business while at Goldman Sachs and Marc Jacobs say a side gig made them better at their day jobs. 

Supporting the AMBITION.ONE initiative as a side hustle next to your full time job has some great benefits; apart from the extra income, it allows you to use talents that may remain dormant in your 9-to-5 job and makea meaninful impact by doing work that you love on your own terms. You can actively contribute to AMBITION.ONE, part-time next to your full time job and start owning a part of your own destiny by:

  • direct investment or loan
  • client acquisition
  • members career care
  • hosting local AMBITION.ONE members’ circle events
  • marcom & social media

Contact us at OWN@AMBITION.ONE or through the form below: