RITUAL 19 points – There are plenty of vitamins out there, but Katerina Schneider realized after taking a closer look that too many of them have outdated formulations. For example, most people get enough vitamin C in their diets that it’s not necessary to have in a vitamin, Schneider told TechCrunch. Instead, her new startup, Ritual, sources its ingredients from different parts of the world and puts together the best blend of only what’s necessary. Funding: $1.3 million from Upfront Ventures, FF Angel, Rivet Ventures


RUHM 19 points – WE MAKE LUXURY FAMOUS. Designed for two of Las Vegas’ most renowned resort architects on a premier lot just 15 minutes from the Las Vegas strip, CAVU epitomizes the Desert-Modern aesthetic. RUHM was tasked with creating a marketing package to revitalize demand, increase perceived value, and more clearly communicate the primary selling points to a young, edgy audience.


OTTO 21/25 admiration points – Self-driving trucks might hit the streets before self-driving cars. A team made up of former employees from Google, Apple, and Tesla is developing sensors and software to retrofit trucks into autonomous fleets. Otto’s kits can turn any “dumb” truck built after 2013 into a “smart” driverless vehicle — for a ticket price of $30,000, according to Wired.


LOLA scores 18 ambitionOne admiration points – Founded by Paul English, one of the cofounders of Kayak, Lola is lifting the travel-agent industry into the 21st century. Lola works as a chat app to connect travelers to a team of consultants who can take care of every step of the planning process. The app uses a combination of AI technology and an experienced staff to provide travelers with an alternative to many of the DIY travel websites. Funding: $20 million from investors including General Catalyst and Accel Partners.


BUNDL scores 20 ambitionOne admiration points:

  • A: 5– employee satisfaction, inspiring leadership
  • B: 3 – customer satisfaction, brand strength, product leadership
  • C: 5 – innovation capability BUNDL = innovation power
  • D: 4 – sustainability
  • E: 3 – profitability