AMBITION.ONE offers a life time career concierge service for the absolute top in the corporate world, where we look for your ideal next challenge, based on your ambition. You could see us as your personal agent, looking for the next best club to “play”. That is what differentiates us from traditional headhunters and recruiters, our service is designed to best serve you: our top talent members. Our career concierges will personally send you relevant jobs that match  with your ambition and Myers Briggs profile. Next to our algoritms and database we believe that our personal touch guarantees a unique matching quality.

members bar.jpgAbsolute Top Talent – We are building a tribe of outperforming professionals with a proven track record at “fortune 500” companies. Each member can introduce 5 relations from their personal network, true game changers in sales, operations, finance, HR, marketing, IT etc.

AMBITION – Your ambition is your ideal next job, a challenge that will allow you to continue to advance your career. We offer a life-time career concierge service, just let us know if you are looking for a new position, now, in one year or 5 years from now. We will adjust our interaction interval accordingly. Register your ambition by clicking here.

STRENGTHS – At AMBITION.ONE we focus forward, we trust that our outperforming professionals have all the IQ and experience companies require. The differentiator for success is personality, we have solid references on each member and we categorise on character.

MYERS BRIGGS – In order to further improve the matching success of your ambition with the vacancies at our “admired employers” we use the Myers Briggs 16 personalities. Please share your profile and MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) to HELLO@AMBITION.ONE – if you do not yet know your MBTI then please use this free link:

0_HP_banner_SOWC2016_ENUNICEF – 50% profit generated by matching your talent is donated to our partner UNICEF. We only work with clients that apply a strict social responsibility  policy. We aim to make the planet a better place, one career at a time.

NOT LinkedIn 2.0 We absolutely love LinkedIn, actually our initiative would not exist without it. At AMBITION.ONE we “only” focus on the one thing that is not in your LinkedIn profile, your ambition, your ideal next job. Together we will find out what is the best way to continue developing your career “above the curve”. We work with a very LEAN process, all other information is taken from your LinkedIn profile. Therefor it is key that our team can view your profile, make sure to join our members only LinkedIn group (click here).

NO LOGIN, NO PASSWORD – No, you do not need a login, or password. We work offline, so do not hold back with sharing your ambition, your ideal next dream job. If you qualify for our criteria, we will offer a personal life-time career concierge service. We will contact you at least 6 times per year, through mail or by phone depending on your preferences.

RECRUITERS – We are in direct contact with recruiters of employers that our members regard as “most admired”, companies that are defining the innovation speed of their market and that offer sustainable solutions to their customers. We match our members’ ambitions with key vacancies and job openings that are not yet listed publicly. Some of our clients use AMBITION.ONE to complete their long term talent pipeline and succession planning. Apart from these fortune 500 companies we are also in contact with innovative start-ups that aim to scale-up. Our experienced professionals have the background and experience to help these startups move from hype to established multinational.

YOUR NETWORK – The success of this brave initiative is dependent of one thing, the quality of our members. To grow and still safeguard the quality label of our talent pool we build on your network, each member is requested to introduce 5 outperformers within their network. We provide the access to the most exciting jobs at the world’s “most admired employers” in return we need yo to make sure we have at least 2 active members coming from your introductions. At the moment the deepest reference we have is the 5th level, meaning through 5 successive recommendations.

METRICS – AMBITION.ONE is a not-for-profit initiative, we are motivated by one metric only: to match as many global top professionals with companies that make a difference in a positive way. The more out-performers we match with these winning companies, the more our planet will benefit.

NO OFFICES – We work wherever, whenever we can, from our homes, hotels, Starbucks’ instead of wasting money on impressive offices. We focus on staying in touch with our members, and understanding the needs of our partners.

CAREER CONCIERGES – each member is supported by career concierges, our team stays in touch to update your profile, and jointly identify the best career opportunities to stay ahead of the curve. Machine learning and big data is fantastic, but our best friend the computer is not yet capable of delivering tailored job proposals that fit your ambition. Mail our concierges at

That is what differentiates us from traditional headhunters and recruiters, our service is designed to best serve you: our members. We match your ambition with the “most admired employers” and the hottest start-ups, our career concierges will build a thorough understanding of your strengths and your ambition.  We will share relevant job openings that match your ambition, only after your approval we will forward your profile to our clients.

LIFE-TIME – AMBITION.ONE offers a life time personal career concierge service, your data is stored offline, and we will contact you regularly to update your ambition, your ideal next challenge. If needed we will support you with specific mentors or training. Together we will make sure that you are fully prepared for your next challenge, to make sure you are able to continue your “above the curve” career. We do believe in changing employer every 8-10 years, ideally making 1 or 2 internal promotions or lateral moves. Apart from the first five years after graduation, we do not believe in “job hopping” every 2-3 years.

MOST ADMIRED EMPLOYERS – The concept of AMBITION.ONE; we match the ambition of global top professionals with job openings at “most admired employers” and the hottest start-ups. Some of our most admired employers are IBM, DSM, LEGO, BMW, APPLE, NIKE, ASML, PROCTER&GAMBLE, PEPSICO, PHILIPS, NETFLIX, FACEBOOK, DELOITTE, DIESEL, GOOGLE, NASA, 3M, RED_BULL, SAMSUNG, HEINEKEN, UNILEVER, ZALANDO ….  click here to see the full list

We aim to be as transparent as possible, should you still have questions, or better yet have great ideas then mail us, at: HELLO@AMBITION.ONE